The Victorian Youth Forum with the strongest impact on State legislation, YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament has been instrumental in providing the Victorian Government with an insight into the thoughts, concerns, opinions and dreams of young people it would otherwise have little or no connection with.

The Victorian Youth Parliament is the largest Youth Forum in Victoria conducted in chambers, using Parliamentary procedure, which gives the community direct access to the Victorian Government.

For participants, YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament:

  • Provides a State forum for young people to express their views on matters which concern them

  • Provides the State Government with Bills which are an expression of young people's concerns and expectations, and which can be acted upon by the government

  • Develops in young people an interest and understanding of parliamentary history, etiquette and procedure

  • Develops public speaking and presentation skills

  • Develops leadership and decision making skills, and to foster new friendships

To date over 20 Youth Parliament Bills have gone onto become Victorian legislation, having a profound impact on the community. Details can be found by following the link to The Bills.

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