YMCA Evolve

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YMCA Evolve is a leadership and self-development program specifically designed to be run in schools for students in Grade 6. Designed to challenge students to discover more about themselves, how they approach day-today challenges and how they interact with people around them.

All modules are mapped to Victorian Curriculum. These workshops tackle key issues that year six cohorts commonly face and provide positive outcomes around bullying, resilience, leadership, self-identity, self-worth and are designed to work at the preventative side of the mental wellbeing spectrum.

Workshops include:

-        Introduction to Evolve                                      -       Introduction to Leadership

-        Personal Responsibility                                   -       Recognising My Individual Skills

-        Dealing With Change                                      -       Cooperation & Competition

-        Positive Self-identity                                        -        Public Speaking      


YMCA Evolve is a engaging and empowering experience from start to finish for all students involved.

To find out more about tailoring a YMCA Evolve program for your school, contact:

Mick Delaney
YMCA Evolve Manager