YMCA Evolve

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YMCA Evolve is a leadership and self-development program specifically designed to be run in schools for students in Grade 6, Year 8 and Year 10. The program design is flexible, and can be tailored in content and format to suit your school and your students.

  • Modules available for Grade 6, Year 8 and Year 10
  • Tailored content and format meeting your school and student’s needs.
  • All modules deliver Victorian Curriculum F-10 and AusVELS curriculum level learning focusses and outcomes
  • Modular programming allows for flexible structure

Made up of a series of modules, each YMCA Evolve program delivers Victorian Curriculum F-10 and AusVELS curriculum level focusses and outcomes.

Evolve modules 29 March 2016

To find out more about tailoring a YMCA Evolve program for your school, contact:

Mick Delaney
YMCA Evolve Manager
0403 289 373