Camping Adventures

Campfire kids

A five day fun-filled camping adventure during the school holidays for all young people, including those with a disability, aged between eight and sixteen years old. 

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The September Camp has been postponed to January 2019. 

Do you have a child with a disability? They can come too! Please contact Sali at or 0424 478 339 to discuss your child's opportunity to have a great camp experience!

What's included?

Camping Adventures provides one program leader for every six campers, to help ensure everyone gets the most out of the experience.

Our participants have heaps of fun, make stacks of new friends and take on challenging activities all run by trained and experienced program leaders.

  • 4 nights
  • All meals and snacks (lunchtime Monday – lunchtime Friday)
  • Five days of fully programmed and themed activities
  • Around the clock support and supervision by fully trained and highly experienced camp leaders
  • First aid support from fully qualified first aiders
  • Campsite challenge activities (e.g.: flying fox, giant swing, skateboarding)

How camp works

Campers are divided into three age groups, and well as getting everything listed above, campers can look forward to getting the following out of their programs:

Junior program (grades 3 - 5)

  • Introduction to the concept of camp and its boundaries and expectations
  • Unique, fun experiences through camp activities
  • Opportunity to develop new friendships and self-confidence
  • Positive, supportive and experienced cabin and program leaders (one for every four campers) 

Intermediate program (grade 6 and year 7)

  • Developing positive identities, values, boundaries and expectations
  • Positive role-modelling and development of self confidence
  • Activities that encourage group support and development of leadership skills

Senior program (years 8 - 10)

  • Focus on leadership, personal growth and challenging yourself
  • Development of leadership skills and initiative
  • Equipping senior campers with the tools and skills to become camp leaders


Want to know more? Or for information on how to book

Contact Sali Robinson at or 0424 478 339

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*additional charges may apply for young people requiring additional support ratios. Please contact our Program Coordinator to discuss your child's support needs.