What past participants have to say...

"I learnt more about myself in 6 days than I had in 16 years. I defined my values, strengths and those annoying parts that needed work."

"UNO-Y allowed me to explore what it was that made me, ME."

"What developed over those 6 days was something I'd never imagined. These strangers became my friends and shared with me one of the most influential experiences of my life."

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“Overall I had an enormous amount of fun. Somehow UNO-Y combines personal development and fun in a unique balance."

 "UNO-Y is the opportunity of a lifetime and I'm still patting myself on the back for taking it. I discovered myself and amazing people."

 "Every single one of us took away skills that can only assist us in the future. Including communication, interaction, understanding, leadership, friendship and trust."

 "I cannot even attempt to explain the significance of this camp on my life." 

 UnoY Past Participants