Pronounced 'you-know-why', UNO-Y is an annual five day leadership program for potential social leaders aged 16-22 from across Victoria. UNO-Y is a space that provides guidance to build leadership skills; grow confidence; and develop an increased sense of self and others. 

We empower participants to make change in their communities and be inspired young people.

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YMCA centres sponsor young people aged 16–22 from their centre or local community to attend, giving them the opportunity to connect with other young people from around Victoria and develop the skills and confidence to have an impact.

For more information visit our 'About the Program' page. 

About the program

UNO-Y provides mentoring and guidance to build the leadership skills & grow the confidence of potential social leaders, empowering them to make change in their communities.


What past participants have to say...

Testimonials of UNO-Y Past Participants.


The location

Lake Dewar Lodge YMCA, conveniently located only 50 minutes west of Melbourne.


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