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When:          4 days between August – October 2018

                     Intro Day: Thursday 23rd August (9:30am - 4pm)

                     3 Day Program: Sunday 30th September (8pm start) – Wednesday 3rd October (4pm finish)

Where:         Intro Day: Library at the Docklands

                     3 Day Program: Lake Dewar Lodge, Myrniong

Aim:             Leadership & Personal Development

Aimed at:     Exceptional young staff or volunteers in your branch aged 22-30


YMCA Future Leaders is targeted at young staff or volunteers within your YMCA, who have made a positive contribution to your branch and are looking to develop a career within the YMCA.

The program will deliver personal development opportunities, as well as providing broader understanding of the YMCA, developing skills directly applicable to their work environments and inspiring them to become influential within their branch.

Each of our branches has deserving young staff and volunteers who would benefit from this program. We’re sure your nominees will appreciate the opportunity presented, and gain significantly from your support of them.


The program focuses on:

  • Professional devleopment
  • Personal development
  • Networking
  • Engagement with the YMCA



How YMCA center managers nominate a staff or volunteer

Three easy steps to follow...