Macleod Recreation & Fitness Centre offers young people a place to get involved in diverse range of programs and services. The centre helps youth people plan music and cultural events, delivers school sessions, and works with special development schools to provide recreational programs and services.

Accessible music and cultural events for young people in Banyule with FReeZA.

Become part of your local FReeZA committee where you’ll get to plan and deliver events that take place in the local community. By being on the FReeZA committee you’ll get to make decisions, lead the staging of events and broaden networks within the community. Build your self-confidence, create and develop professional relationships and provide opportunities to explore various educational and employment pathways in the music industry to other young people!

School Programs

Macleod Recreation & Fitness Centre delivers a diverse range of school sessions catering for all levels from Primary through to Secondary. We challenge and motivate young minds and bodies and promote the importance of health and fitness for a balanced lifestyle.

Creative Disability Services program

Working with special development schools and support services we provide recreational programs that include, group fitness, gymnastics, dance and the famous Disability Dance Events.

Health & Wellness opportunities

Macleod Recreation & Fitness Centre offers free under 20 exercise classes, group fitness, and gymnastics.

Contact the Centre.

Macleod Recreation and Fitness Centre
Call: 9459 9022
Come in:157 Wungan Street, Macleod 3085