7 Tips to Be School Holiday Ready

  • Date: 11 March 2016
  • Category: News
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Changing routine can be unsettling. You want to make sure your kids are happy, healthy and active in fun activities, yet with our busy work lives it’s not always possible. School holiday programs are a great option for ensuring your kids are having new experiences, making new friends and having fun.  

But how can you prepare for them? And what can you expect?

To get the ball rolling, we have some tips to prepare you.

1. Pick a suitable program

School holidays are a chance for your child to learn things that can’t be taught in the classroom, develop new life skills and explore new interests. With this in mind, try and pick a program that broadens their horizons and excites them.

2. Safety in numbers

We know that your child’s safety is your number one priority. That’s why looking for an Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) accredited child-safe organisation is important. Also, to ensure your child gets the best experience possible, ask about the staff-to-child ratio. Remember the more staff, the merrier!

3. Book now, not later

Booking early is always a good idea. Luckily, many School Holidays Programs now have online booking systems.


Once your child is booked in there is only a few more things for you to remember.

4. Relax

Similar to childcare or school, you can feel comfortable knowing your child will be spending the day with other children their own age, having lots of fun in a safe and stimulating environment and most of all, just being kids!

5. Pack healthy snacks

Be sure to pack your child a nut-free morning snack, afternoon snack and lunch. We recommend following the Australian Healthy Eating Guide. It’s also a good idea to chat to the care provider if your child has any special dietary requirements. Oh, and don’t forget to pack their water bottle! 

6. Rain, hail or shine

Prepare your child for rain, hail or shine. This means a bucket hat for summer and a warm hat and dry coat for winter. Some activities may include messy play or water activities, so make sure your child is dressed appropriately and has an extra pair of clothes.

7. Enjoy!

And lastly, remember to stop and enjoy the smile on your child’s face after a whole day of playing and making new friends.

We’re here to help!
YMCA offers an exciting range of fun and affordable School Holiday Programs across 12 locations in Victoria. Designed to keep even the most active of minds and bodies entertained, there’s something for every child including yours. We’re also an ACF accredited child-safe organisation.

For more information and to Book online visit YMCA Children’s Services website for more information.